Last Updated: July 27, 2021

The "Oz" Litter

Miles and Prim welcomed nine beautiful puppies on June 22nd.
These puppies can join their new families on August 21st & 22nd.

From this litter, we have Lollipop available.

Trouvaille's Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Dorothy 1.jpg


Reserved for Louisa & family of Texas

my new name is Maddie Mae

Toto 1.jpg

Trouvaille's We're Off To See The Wizard


Reserved for Ren & Spencer of Tennessee

Tin Man 1.jpg

Tin Man

Trouvaille's Broken Heart

Reserved for Bobby & family of Kansas

Scarecrow 1.jpg

Trouvaille's If Only I Had A Brain


Reserved for Melanie & family of Texas

my new name is Deuce

Lion 1.jpg

Trouvaille's True Courage


Reserved for Kimberly & Chris of Alaska

my new name is Dodger

Glinda 1.jpg

Trouvaille's The Good Witch


Reserved for Tom & Pat of Missouri

my new name is Maja

Lolli 1.jpg

Trouvaille's Lollipop Kid


I'm available!

Monkey 1.jpg

Trouvaille's Flying Monkey


Reserved for Megan of Kansas

my new name is Daisy

Oz 1.jpg

Trouvaille's Great And Powerful


Reserved for Bob & Heather of Missouri

my new name is Cobi