"Working with Monica from Trouvaille Kennels has truly been a wonderful experience and she has been focused on helping us find the best fit for our family from the start, even suggesting things to look for as we were researching breeders.  Prior to our puppy Riley's birth, Monica provided regular updates regarding the status of the pregnancy and expected due dates.  After Riley's birth, Monica sent weekly photos and updates regarding Riley's developmental milestones and provided helpful suggestions that would help us to prepare a welcoming home for our new puppy.  Riley quickly bonded with our entire family of five; she loves meeting and greeting people and other dogs and at twelve weeks, she is one of the best behaved dogs in her obedience class.  We could not have asked for a sweeter puppy!  Throughout the entire process, Monica has been terrifically responsive to our many questions and very invested in making sure that puppies and families are well-matched.  We have really appreciated working with her and would enthusiastically recommend Trouvaille Kennels to anyone!"
Casey N., from Lincoln, Nebraska
  Riley (formerly Delta)
Mary & Cash.jpg
"We have got two puppies from Trouvaille Kennels (one last year and one this year)!!  Monica and her family do an amazing job raising such sweet and healthy pups!  Monica answers all your questions and offers any advice she has!  I HIGHLY recommend them for an Aussie pup!!  You will love your new best friend!"
Mary W., from Savannah, Missouri 
  Cash (formerly Fudge) & Roxie (formerly Rose)
"We adopted our amazing puppy, Lola from Trouvaille Kennels and couldn't be happier.  Having never owned an Aussie, I was a little nervous wondering if one would be a good fit for our family and current dogs.  Monica spoke with me in detail about our situation and traits of the breed to ensure we were not only prepared but the right family for Lola.  I was so impressed and comforted by her knowledge and how well she knew each of the puppies personalities.  It was clear that this isn't just a business for the Lenners, they truly care about their dogs.  Lola was just 9 weeks old when we brought her home but she was crate trained, potty trained, and even learning to sit.  Would highly recommend Trouvaille Kennels!"
Deanna Z., from Overland Park, Kansas
  Lola (formerly Buttercream)
"Got my pup here 2 weeks ago.  Very conscientious breeder.  DNA panels done on all breeders and results used to selectively mate dams and sires.  Not common from my search.  Puppy Culture is a new and exciting method of turning out top notch dogs free of the phobias common to many dogs.  Included extras are micro chipping with lifetime location registration, paid AKC registration, halfway delivery service at no cost and more.  I looked throughout a 4 state area and trust me, these extras are provided at a puppy cost LESS than what some breeders charge for what appears to me to be a "no frills puppy".  If you are a 100% Puppy Culture devotee, then this is the place to get your Aussie pup.  If you aren't, you may become one before it is all said and done."
Dr. Scott H., from Alma, Arkansas
  Maya (formerly Truffle)
"Monica (and her family) truly go above and beyond with every puppy they raise.  She has been more than friendly and happy to help answer any questions from the very first message I sent!  We've had our puppy for a couple of weeks and she still checks in on us, which is great.  The time and effort Monica spends working with the puppies makes such a difference and we cannot thank her enough for all the time spent on our puppy!  They pay close attention to every detail, and do things normal breeders do not.  I will not purchase an Australian Shepherd anywhere else!  Thank you Monica and Family for raising great pups and all the work you do with them before they come home!"
Tannah T., from Maryville, Missouri
  Milo (formerly Ian)
Emma 1.jpg
Emma 2.jpg
"If you are looking to add an Aussie to your family, look no further.
Reach out today - you won't be disappointed!
Trouvaille Kennels is the whole package.  Monica and her family goes above and beyond to raise the most adorable, well-mannered, and love-bearing puppies.  On top of it all, the experience itself is full-service.  It's the first class experience of puppy ownership.
I contacted Monica out of the blue, not quite sure what to expect.  She almost immediately responded with a lengthy, but extremely useful note explaining the process and giving me plenty of options as well as her professional opinion.  It was useful, personal, and well-crafted.  I could tell immediately that if Monica spends this much time responding to a cold-call email, she must put a lot of time and attention to detail to her main job, which is raising world-class puppies.  In my professional experience, how someone does the little things speaks volumes about how they do the big things.  And raising puppies is definitely a big thing.
Over the course of the next few weeks, Monica and I shared many exchanges.  Each time, she was prompt and thorough with her responses.  She makes absolutely certain that all the conditions are met to ensure the best possible home for their puppies.  This includes both getting to know the potential owner as well as all the conditions the puppy would be getting themselves into.  As a simple example, I live in California and was considering having my puppy, Emma, flown out here.  Monica went above and beyond to check all the conditions including air traffic, to find the best flight for Emma; weather, to ensure that Emma doesn't have to be out in the heat or cold when being transferred between facilities; and setup a crate with all the necessities of a flight to ensure the best possible experience for Emma, including having ice slowly melt over time so there will always be a water supply for her.  The attention to detail here just goes to show how much love, care, and attention Monica puts into raising her puppies.
This was my first time owning a dog.  And it's stressful.  What was so helpful was having someone like Monica that would always be so responsive and thorough with her answers that I really felt taken care of and as prepared as I could be.  I cannot stress this last point enough.  At the end of the day, this is a business transaction.  But I guarantee you that it feels anything but.  Throughout my entire experience, I really felt like I was a part of the Trouvaille family.  And when I finally had Emma in my arms, I felt like I was reunited with family.  And it doesn't stop there!  Monica maintains the relationship well after delivery.  She is always happy to receive updates and pictures after the fact, including answering questions and helping you out.  She does this while making sure to be mindful of your time and space.  All of this is to ensure that the puppy transitions well and that you are well equipped to have a long, and happy life together with your new family member.
Oh and as for Emma, I could not have asked for a better puppy.  She came crate trained, litter trained, clicker trained, and love trained.  Monica attributes much of the success of her puppies to Puppy Culture, which her kennel follows to the dot.  Since this is my first puppy, I cannot say first-hand if it's better or worse, but judging by what I was expecting with a puppy coupled with chatting with lots of friends who have had puppies, Emma is definitely one of the sweetest, well-mannered, and obedient puppies out there.  Everyone she meets tells me this, friends, neighbors, and trainers alike.  Is it perfect?  Of course not, she's still a puppy!  But if you are a first time dog owner, or even if you are an experienced owner and would like a strong foundation to build on top of, look no further.
If you've read this far into my review, congrats.  You must seriously be considering this.  My final bit of advice?  Just reach out now.  Chat with Monica, and even if you end up going a different way, I promise you'll be glad you did."
Yixin Z., from San Francisco, California
  Emma (formerly Echo)
"We highly recommend Trouvaille Kennels to anyone who is looking for an Aussie who has been prepared for a new home with careful breeding, thoughtful training, and a great deal of love.  Our sweet little red tri, Winston, came to us at almost 10 weeks old almost fully potty trained.  He was comfortable in his crate, well socialized, and trusting.  Monica and the rest of the Lenners family kept us posted from birth to pick-up day with photos and detailed reports so that we felt we already knew him the moment we met.  Now, at 15 weeks, he is a delightful pup who has settled beautifully in our country setting.  I am quite sure Trouvaille Kennels gives puppies the best start in life possible.  Thank you, Monica and family!"
Sandra C., from near Columbia, Missouri 
  Winston (formerly Forrest)
"Trouvaille Kennels is amazing.  Monica and her family really care about the puppies they raise.  I found them while searching all over the US for a quality Aussie breeder.  I live in NJ and they are located in Missouri but it was well worth the distance.  If you care about having a well bred, healthy, and well socialized puppy the Lenners are the best!  They follow Puppy Culture methods by gradually exposing the puppies to so many different sounds, textures, people, and experiences early on.  Our puppy Charlie's Kindergarten teacher was blown away by how well socialized she was and how well she was at meeting new people and not being afraid.  He told us she is amazing as many Aussies can be wary of strange people and things they don't know.  They are generally known to be "Velcro" dogs and stick very close to their owners but Charlie loves all people, dogs, and cats.  She'll make friends with anyone or thing.
We've had Charlie for a month now and I love her sweet and cuddly personality.  We got her at 11 weeks as we had to fly her.  Monica put a lot of effort into getting her comfortable in the crate before her flight so she wouldn't be as nervous.  When we got her she even knew to go outside on the grass to go potty and has had barely any accidents.  Now at 15 weeks old she sleeps 7-8 hours at night comfortably in her crate without accidents or any whining.  She's very eager to learn and has picked up many skills and tricks already.
Trouvaille Kennels gives detailed frequent updates and photos throughout the whole process.  They are very knowledgeable and Monica was extremely helpful with all of my questions and concerns about preparing for her arrival, and throughout her transition.  The Lenners family truly care deeply for their puppies and want them to be successful in loving families and will do anything possible to help them be prepared and transition to their new homes.  They even helped me weeks later when I had some additional questions.
I can't say enough wonderful things about Trouvaille Kennels and my lovely puppy Charlie!  I wouldn't go anywhere else if I ever go looking for another pup somewhere down the road."
Allison N., from Brick, New Jersey
"What a fantastic all around experience... we'd recommend Trouvaille Kennels to anyone looking for an Australian Shepherd puppy.  The amount of care and work they do with their puppies prior to delivery is amazing and makes for such a smooth transition home.  From initial contact to the day we picked Gypsy up (and even once we had her home), Monica was so responsive and helpful.  The care, comfort, and socialization they provide their litters is certainly evident in our new Aussie puppy."
Aaron & Brianne E., from Stilwell, Kansas
  Gypsy (formerly Maisie)
"Monica is by far and away meant to do what she is doing in life.  She blew away any and all expectations we had when searching for a breeder.  The experience we had getting our Aussie Boomer was smooth sailing from the start.  Any question (and I had plenty) was met with a thoughtful, caring response and I appreciate that so very much!  She thoroughly prepped the puppies for the dog world and was so helpful while transitioning Boomer into his new home with us.  Monica - You have found your calling in life!  Thank you for all that you do and continue to do for the love of the Aussie pups!"
Jill S., from Kansas City, Missouri
  Boomer (formerly Owen)
"If you are looking for an Australian Shepherd there is truly not a better place to go than to Monica at Trouvaille Kennels.
First and foremost, Monica is the kindest most thorough breeder I have ever come in contact with and it is very clear that she is in love with Aussies.  That love shapes the careful way she breeds and prepares pups for their forever families.  Monica kept us updated throughout every part of the process and provided very helpful updates and photos of our new pup, Enzo.  Monica immediately responded to any questions we had and it was clear that she has researched just about every topic when it comes to Aussies and dogs in general.
We love that Monica uses Puppy Culture to properly prepare her pups for their new homes.  Enzo came to us with an amazing foundation of skills.  He could already sit, was familiar with potty training, was comfortable in his crate and in the car.  Monica also kept in touch with us throughout his whole first week to ensure that everything was going well with Enzo assimilating to our home.  We really appreciated that extra care and attention.
We absolutely could not recommend Monica and Trouvaille Kennels more highly!  We know this is certainly not our last Aussie from Trouvaille!"
- Chloe S., from Madison, Wisconsin
  Enzo (formerly Gatlin)
"Absolutely THE.BEST.PLACE. to invest in your new Aussie baby.  Monica and her family spend so much time working with their puppies which you will definitely realize when you bring your puppy home. 
Once a week we got an email updating us on how Clover was doing, the training they were doing with her and beautiful photos.  We brought Clover home at 11 weeks old.  When we arrived to pick her up, Monica and her husband sat down with us and went over the basics on continuing her training.
Once we left we felt super prepared.  After getting Clover home I had sooo many more questions.  I contacted Monica and she was very willing to walk me through every concern I had and encouraged me to continue to reach out.
There is absolutely no other place I would recommend getting your Aussie from.  There is no doubt that this family takes pride in the care and attention they give to their pups!"
- Megan S., from Lansing, Kansas
  Clover (formerly Aurora)
"We got our wonderful girl, Jinx, from the Lenners on January 15th.  We've raised several puppies over the years and we can attest to the tremendous job that the Lenners have done in getting their pups ready to go to their families.  Jinx was so well socialized and eager to meet everyone and do everything!  And the crate training they did with her was most appreciated.  We did not have to go through the business of getting up with her several times in the night to go out and potty.  She slept in her crate for 6-7 hours straight.  Monica and her family go above and beyond as far as we are concerned.  Working with the puppies on sounds and sensory exposure as well as having them meet and greet all kinds of people...this is huge!  For those who have never owned a puppy, you cannot go wrong with this breeder.  And for those who have raised puppies in the past - you will appreciate the love and training these dogs receive from the Lenners.  There is a difference!  Highly recommend!"
- Mary E., from Leawood, Kansas
  Jinx (formerly Liesl)
"Monica, Doug, and their family are an amazing group to work with!
They communicate efficiently and effectively.  We were given a tour when we picked up our pup Entei and we quickly witnessed the passion for what they do and the love for their animals.
It was a true joy working with them.  You won't regret your decision to go with Trouvaille Kennels!"
- Kimberly S., from Fort Riley, Kansas
  Entei (formerly Coleus)
"We are so grateful to the Lenners and Trouvaille Kennels.  From day one Monica was so attentive and genuine.  She answered every question we could possibly have and right away we could tell this was the breeder for us.  The amount of care she and her family puts into each puppy is amazing.  The incredible updates that we got were so detailed and really let us know what was going on week to week.  We've had our Delaney for 3 weeks now and no one can believe how well adjusted she is.  They really work with these puppies to make sure their transition is as seamless as possible.  The Puppy Culture program that Trouvaille follows really made it easy to continue down the right path when we brought Delaney home.  She hasn't had an accident inside in over a week, she slept through the night from day one and sleeps at least 7-8 hours every night, came knowing how to mand and is getting down basic commands.  Monica says this has to do with a job well done by us, but we owe 99% of the credit to her and her family.  They really pour a lot of love into these dogs and it clearly shows.  We will not go anywhere else in the future when we are ready to add another pup to the family.  We really feel that we got lucky with them and know that anyone who is looking for an Aussie will not be disappointed with Trouvaille Kennels."
- Courtney G., from Burlington, Wisconsin
  Delaney (formerly Poppy)
"We have owned "Boomer" for a week now, but have had a relationship with him since late June.  Trouvaille Kennels offers so much more than a 10 week old puppy!!  They diligently follow Puppy Culture training and the results are obvious!  They prepare you for the puppy way in advance and regularly update you on their progress.  I feel like we have a partnership for life!  They have been so supporting in the amazing puppy journey!  Beautiful dogs!!"
- Dr. Chantal D., from St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
  Boomer (formerly Zion)
"Monica goes above and beyond.  She breeds these puppies to be ready for the world.  Every other week we'd receive a five page update about our puppy and his progress.  We now have the most loving and beautiful little puppy.  Couldn't recommend Trouvaille Kennels more!"
- Dina S., from San Francisco, California
  Milo (formerly Rocky)
"I am so grateful that I came across Trouvaille Kennels.
From the very beginning it was evident that this family loves what they do and they do it all.  Monica is very quick to answer any questions and always offers amazing advice!
I've had my dog Salem for a month now and I cannot imagine having gone to any other breeder.  The puppy culture training that they do has been so beneficial in making my dog (and all of their pups) socialized and well mannered. 
They put so much effort into giving you updates on your pup, taking sweet photos to send to you, training, car rides, sound exposure and more.  I was absolutely blown away with how much love is put into breeding these dogs and placing them in good homes!
I am grateful to Monica and her family for my beautiful dog and I HIGHLY recommend contacting them if you are interested in an Aussie - you will not be disappointed!"
- Ciera S., from Lodi, California
  Salem (formerly Sleepy)
Dexter 1.jpg
"After researching and speaking with several different breeders from across the country, I decided to go with Trouvaille Kennels.  From the first time I spoke with Monica (almost a year ago) till now, she has remained quick to respond, detailed in any information she shares, and absolutely passionate about the work she does -- because let's be honest: raising quality Aussies is hard work.  Every week Monica would send new photos and detailed pupdates of Dexter.  The Lenners use the Puppy Culture program, which means from Day 1 these pups are exposed to the world and are training.  This means Monica and her family take the time to introduce each and every one of the puppies to sounds, people, and so much more.  Scheduling to receive my puppy was also easy, even though I needed certain accommodations.  As for my pup himself, Dexter has been a super star from the start.  He came home knowing his name, to sit, to come, was crate trained, and had the foundations for potty training (he was litter box trained and it took less than a week for him to understand his new "litter box" was outside).  He has an immense drive to work, as a herding dog should.  He knows when it's time to train and to perform in disc, agility, or obedience.  However, he has the most reliable off switch.  He knows if Mom settles, it's just time to cuddle up and take a nap or watch a movie.  I know that Monica and her family will continue to strive to produce quality Aussies and help better the breed.  I've recommended Trouvaille Kennels to several friends, and I can't wait until I'm ready to bring home another one of her pups for myself!"
- Catalina G., from Miami, Florida
  Dexter (formerly Tyreek)
"So my kids have been wanting a dog for years.  We always had an excuse, but with the pandemic, we thought it would be a good time for a puppy since we'd all be home.  We started researching and decided an Aussie Shepherd was our first choice.  My daughter located Trouvaille Kennels.  I was still a bit tentative for a number of reasons.  Trouvaille is in Missouri, I was in Minnesota.  I was worried about whether I could handle an active dog like an Aussie.  I've never been a dog person, so really, it was a whole new world for me.  One night, I called Monica at Trouvaille, and the information she provided alleviated all concerns.  She spent an hour and a half talking to some chick from Minnesota answering questions, providing information, directing me to other resources if needed.  We agreed to purchase and pick up a Red Merle Aussie female from the Presidential Pups litter.  We arrived Memorial Weekend with our daughters.  Monica and family instantly came out and welcomed us, introduced us to their dogs, and showed us their pristine, beautiful home and grounds with their dogs.  I admittedly had some concerns about purchasing from a breeder, as there are obviously some horror stories out there about "puppy mills".  Let me assure you, Trouvaille provides nothing short of a rural paradise for their dogs and pups, which they treat like members of their family.  Our pup has been amazing.  She was partially trained when we got her (at only 8 weeks!) and has been an instant hit with our family.  A beautiful, healthy Aussie.  I have no doubt that we will be visiting Monica and family again in the next few years to add a "sibling" to the family.  Anyone should count themselves lucky to get one of these beautiful dogs."
- Aletia B., from Maple Grove, Minnesota
  Arizona (formerly Mopsey)
"If you are looking for a seriously wonderful and conscientious breeder of healthy, well adjusted, truly beautiful Aussies, please look no further than Monica and Mikayla of Trouvaille Kennels. In October 2019, we had to say goodbye to our beloved 11-year-old male Aussie suffering from DM. The experience left us heartbroken and determined to find an Aussie breeder that was intentionally breeding healthy Aussies with careful genetic screening. After much research and a lot of disappointing contacts with other breeders, I ran across Monica’s kennel and reached out to her. She immediately responded with genuine sympathy and all the information I requested; she completely understood we were still mourning the loss of our boy and was so helpful. Though we were not quite ready to add a new family member yet, she answered every question we had with kindness, compassion, and a deep understanding of the genetic issues and challenges in breeding Australian shepherds. Her love of the breed was obvious and we knew exactly who we would be contacting when we were ready. Seven months later, we visited with Monica again and reserved a spot on her waiting list. In October 2020, we welcomed little Mipha into our hearts and home and it has been amazing. Our vet was so impressed with all the records Monica provided regarding genetic screening and pedigrees of both parents, plus a perfectly documented record of vet visits and vaccinations from birth to 8 weeks. Mipha arrived already knowing “come” (!!) and has been absolutely dreamy in a vehicle since the first ride home. She is so friendly, eager to learn, and easy to train. We have lived in our neighborhood since 2007 and have met more neighbors in the last 2 months than we did in the previous 12 years because of Mipha. She is a happy, cuddly little charmer and makes such wonderful eye contact that everyone wants to meet her! We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and we cannot recommend Trouvaille Kennels highly enough. When we add a second pup to our family in a few years, he will be a Trouvaille Aussie ☺"
- Lisa W., from Topeka, Kansas
  Mipha (formerly Aruba)
"Sparky is a dream come true! He is a perfect fit into our family, and an absolute darling. Everyone who meets him says we have something special, and I agree.  He had his first vet visit today and the vet was very impressed with how well behaved and confident he is. He’s settling right in and already going on lots of adventures, today it was the playground!  He’s an absolute doll and all the work that you and your family have put into him shows, and we are so grateful for it.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to have such a wonderful puppy in our lives!"

- Jaime S., from Columbus, Indiana
  Sparky (formerly Baloo)