Planned/Expected Litters

Expected litters:

Prim x Miles - due mid/late June
all colors possible, ultrasound confirmed

Shelby x Jasper - due late June/early July
all colors possible, ultrasound confirmed

Maggie x Dandy - due late June/early July
all colors possible, ultrasound confirmed
The following litters are planned in 2021:

Zelda x ? - fall
all colors possible

Starr x Dandy - fall
all colors possible

Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about these upcoming litters.

If you are interested in these upcoming litters, please complete our Puppy Questionnaire located at the bottom of this page.  We do recommend joining our waiting list as our litters are often fully reserved by our waiting list families. 
We reserve the right to hold back any puppy for show/performance purposes.

Interested in adding a Trouvaille puppy to your family?

We take great pride and joy in raising each of our puppies.  Each of our litters are bred with the intention to produce show or performance quality puppies.  All of our dogs have their genetic disease testing and OFA certifications completed before being bred.  We are extremely selective when breeding and strive to produce Australian Shepherds according to the American Kennel Club breed standard.  We want the best for our program and for our Trouvaille families.  
Each of our puppies are bred with the intention to meet the American Kennel Club breed standard.  For this reason, we do not leave tails on any of our puppies.
Companion/performance prospect puppies (AKC Limited Registration) are required to be spayed/neutered.
Our companion/performance prospect puppies range from $2,000 to $2,500.  We require a $500 deposit (non-refundable) to reserve your puppy until pick up day.  All families must be approved before reserving a puppy or joining our waiting list.  We do invite all of our families to our home to pick up their new best friend.
Show prospect puppies with AKC Full Registration are sold on an individual basis.
We will be very selective with homes for our show prospect puppies.  Please contact us for pricing and information.  We do not sell any of our puppies to breeding only homes!  We require any prospective family to be actively showing with the American Kennel Club.
We do not sell any of our puppies to pet stores, puppy mills, individuals breeding for mixed/designer dogs - including Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy Australian Shepherds, or any person who markets their dogs to wholesalers, retailers, or pet brokers.

Ready to move forward with Trouvaille?

Please complete the Puppy Questionnaire located at the bottom of this page and return to us for consideration.  Be sure to list any questions that you have.  Please be thorough with your responses when completing.  Our questionnaire is designed to help us get to know your lifestyle and expectations that you have for your future puppy to make sure an Australian Shepherd is a good fit for you.  Getting a puppy is a huge commitment and you must be prepared to spend the next 10-15 years caring for your Australian Shepherd.  Submission of your questionnaire does not guarantee approval.
After being approved, you may either join our waiting list or reserve a currently available puppy.  To join our waiting list a $200 deposit (non-refundable) is required, which is later applied to the reservation deposit of your future puppy.  We notify our families within one week of the puppies birth date, announcing their arrival.  Photos are first shared on our website when the puppies turn one week old.  We provide updates to our families that have reserved their puppy.  We love to keep our families informed on their puppy's development and share helpful tips in preparation for bringing their puppy home. 
If you have any questions about our puppies or our waiting list, please email us at
Please click on "Puppy Questionnaire" to be directed to the download page.