About The Breed

The Australian Shepherd is a loving, intelligent, medium-sized dog breed that have been bred for their herding and guarding instinct.  We love this breed because of their character, devotion to their owners, and trainability.


The Australian Shepherd has a fascinating and complex history.  Despite the name, the Australian Shepherd is actually an American breed.  The Aussie was bred in the western United States by ranchers and their primary job was herding flocks of sheep.  The exact origins of the breed beyond this point is not precisely known and there are many theories about the ancestry of the breed.  The name "Australian Shepherd" came about as the breed was associated with the Basque sheepherders who came from Australia to the United States in the 1800s. 

The Australian Shepherds began to rise in popularity during the boom in western riding following World War II.  This breed was introduced to the general public through rodeos, horse shows, movies, and television and gained notoriety as trick dogs.  For example, Jay Sisler's Aussies - Stub, Shortie, and Queenie - entertained rodeo audiences with their tricks and later went on to star in the 1967 Disney film Run, Appaloosa, Run and 1973 Disney film Stub: Best Cowdog In The West.

To read more about the fascinating origins of the Australian Shepherd, visit AKC's article Australian Shepherd History: Behind The Breed.

The Australian Shepherd is intelligent and loves to work closely with their owners.  They crave to learn, perform, succeed in their tasks, and desire to please.

This breed excels in a multitude of dog sports - not just herding.  Australian Shepherds enjoy competing in agility, flyball, obedience, rally, dock diving, tracking, scent work, frisbee, trick training and so much more!

The Australian Shepherd also excels in service dog and therapy dog roles.  This breed has an innate ability to sense and react to the emotions of the people around them.  We always say that Aussies are just like humans.  They can read when someone is sad or happy and they react accordingly.  They enjoy comforting and supporting the people around them.

We enjoy watching our puppies rise to their full potential with their new families.  Some of our former puppies are exploring the world of dog sports and service work and have performed quite well.  Aussies enjoy training and working so we always encourage our puppy families to explore performance sports with their new Aussie!

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This breed's desire to be close to their people carries over into the day to day life with an Australian Shepherd.  One of the things we admire about the Aussie is that they seem to find joy in every aspect of daily life and want to be with you no matter what you are doing.  They'll join you during movie marathons or sleep by your feet while you are working.

They also enjoy joining their families on outdoor adventures - going on walks in the neighborhood, going into stores, and going on hikes.  

They love to be apart of your life and are always up for a new adventure.  This is something we really stress to our puppy families.  Your Aussie wants to be with you - so include them!

The photos displayed on this page are of our past puppies, enjoying their adventurous lives with their wonderful families.

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